CAFÈ ITALIANO 500 g gemahlen !!!Aktionspreis!!!

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Delicious coffee, handcrafted in the Italian drum roasting process. Fine Arabica ripe mix, spicy and acidic, with an exquisite crema. The coffee is freshly roasted for you and welded vacuum-tight. This coffee is easy to digest and is refined in a 26 minute long-time roasting at low temperature by Meisterhand, which ensures an unforgettable taste experience.




Shipping and handling costs

Shipping, delivery within Germany for 3.90 Euro, no matter how much you order. The delivery time is max. 3 days.
After receipt of payment, the goods will be shipped immediately on the next working day.

Payment and delivery

After the order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the exact invoice amount.

At the delivery you will receive a separate VAT invoice.

The tax on roasting has been paid by us to the competent central office in Giessen.


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